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The following terms and conditions are for the East Yorkshire Coaches VIP Club only and should be read in conjunction with East Yorkshire Coaches General Terms and Conditions and Conditions of Carriage.



1                    General Membership

·                     VIP Club membership is a free no obligation scheme and is open to anyone aged 18 and over except for employees of EYMS Group or its subsidiaries.

·                     Only one person, over 18, can be a VIP Club member per household (ie registered at the same address).

·                     Lost or stolen membership cards/fobs should be reported as soon as possible to East Yorkshire Coaches.

·                     East Yorkshire Coaches reserve the right to refuse or withdraw membership at any time.

·                     East Yorkshire Coaches will not pass on any details to third party organisations and will keep all personal records secure in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

·                     East Yorkshire Coaches will do its best to contact you via your preferred method of contact however on occasions we may need to, where details exist, use email or text message even if ‘by post’ is your preferred method of contact where this is felt to be in the best interests of the majority of members.

·                     East Yorkshire Coaches reserves the right to provide notice of certain promotions by email and/or text only.

·                     Members may withdraw from the scheme at any time by notifying East Yorkshire Coaches in writing. Personal details will still be held on secure client database but you will no longer receive member benefits. If you wish to be removed from the full client database you should advise us accordingly in writing.

·                     The VIP Club is run and administered at East Yorkshire Coaches, VIP Club, 252 Anlaby Road, Hull, HU3 2RS and all communications should be sent to this address.


2                     Member Benefits

·                     On joining members will receive a welcome letter, membership details, a membership keyfob and a £5 voucher.

·                     East Yorkshire Coaches reserve the right to vary the voucher amount at any time for promotional purposes.

·                     East Yorkshire Coaches reserve the right to provide additional benefits or withdraw certain benefits at any time and will notify members of any changes as soon as possible and wherever possible prior to changes being made.

·                     Discounts and Promotions will only be valid on East Yorkshire Coaches Day Excursions, Mini breaks and Holidays and are not available on Coach Hire.

·                     Any brochures will be sent to VIP Club members 14 days before they become available to non-members although East Yorkshire Coaches takes no responsibility for non-members getting hold of any literature within the 14 day period due to factors outside of our control.

·                     Priority booking will be available to members during the 14 day period.

·                     Brochures will be sent in PDF format via email where email addresses have been provided. Postal distribution will be via second class post.

·                     Where offers/promotions are not made directly by post details will be made available to those members via the Company website and general advertising. East Yorkshire Coaches will not be responsible for VIP Club members not receiving details on individual promotions. We would therefore, wherever possible, highly recommend that members provide email and/or mobile phone numbers if at all possible.

·                     No refunds will be given to bookings on trips where subsequent discounts or promotions are made available.

·                     VIP members who have already booked at the full price on any trip will not be entitled to reimbursement of discounts offered at a later date.


3                     Coach Miles Rewards Scheme (effective 1.11.15)

·                     The Coach Miles Rewards scheme is open to all members but is only based around the person making the booking in respect of earning and redeeming points.

·                     Reward points are allocated to members based on a predetermined number of miles allocated to day trips, mini breaks and holidays based on 1 mile = 1 point.

·                     The miles allocated to a trip are determined by East Yorkshire Coaches and are non-negotiable and are based on the number of miles covered getting to and from the main location/hotel from the main pick up point.

·                     Ferry crossings do not attract coach miles.

·                     Reward points are then redeemable against future day trips, mini breaks or holidays as part or full payment.

·                     Reward points may either now or in the future be redeemable against other products. If this is the case members will be notified.

·                     Coach mile Reward points may be transferred to other VIP members but this may only be done following a request in writing by the person to whom the points belong.

·                     Coach Miles are valued at £1 for every 150 Coach Miles.

·                     Coach Miles are allocated per booking and not per passenger.

·                     Coach Miles reward points will be allocated to the person making the booking so long as they are a VIP Club member.

·                     Coach Miles reward points may be redeemed against a full booking regardless of whether every passenger belongs to the VIP Club so long as the person making the booking is the person who is redeeming their rewards points.

·                     Coach Miles are awarded on completion of the initial booking but are not available to redeem until after the trip to which they relate has been undertaken.

·                     Cancelled trips, either by the customer or East Yorkshire Coaches will not attract Coach Mile points even if there were points pending. Any points redeemed on trips which have subsequently been cancelled will be refunded in full.

·                     Where a booking is paid for in part or full by the redemption of reward points additional points will still be awarded for that trip.

·                     Coach Mile Reward points can only be redeemed on direct telephone bookings with EYC, Online bookings or at our own Travel Centres.  Not through third parties acting as agents.

·                     This scheme may be withdrawn at any time by East Yorkshire Coaches. In this event notice will be given during which time all points must be redeemed.

·                     Coach Miles cannot be redeemed for cash at any time.




Issued August 2015


East Yorkshire Coaches

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